Barnes Squash Club, London


Andy Keen

We are pleased to announce Barnes Squash Club has teamed up an England Squash & Racket Ball Level 3 Coach Andy Keen (biography). Andy will provide individual coaching, or group coaching sessions on Monday or Tuesday evenings.

Individual 40 minute sessions are £31 which includes the court fee.

Group sessions are priced for 3 people and take place on a single court for 80 minutes. The cost is £20 each and is inclusive of court fees.

Andy has put together the following courses designed to improve our game - click on the links for details:-

Beginners (Course Details)

Intermediate (Course Details)

Advanced (Course Details)

Match Savvy

Charlie Cunningham

Charlie also available for coaching sessions at the Barnes Squash Club. He has a variety of coaching programs available for all standard and age levels.

Telephone : 07494 498701

Contact Andy or Charlie directly for further details and to arrange a coaching session, please use the coaching link on the Contact page, or email . They will book court times for the sessions and provide tokens so it couldn't be easier!

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