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  1. New members of Barnes Squash Club are required to buy one share in The Barnes Sports Club Limited. This is included in the first year subscription * Members under 18 years of age do not receive this share.

  2. New Members are required to apply for membership. 

  3. New Members are required to pay a Squash Club Subscription

Apply for membership
Select membership type

I hereby apply for membership of The Barnes Sports Club.  I am over 18 years of age and apply for one share of 50p in The Barnes Sports Club Limited. I agree to accept such share as may be allotted or transferred to me, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and authorise you to place my name on the Register of Members in respect of such share if and when allotted or transferred to me.

Clicking on the apply you'll be taken to a page which will show you how you can pay

Once your membership form has been processed and your subscription including share has been received you will receive an e-mail with personal log-in details for the club website, as well as receiving a swipe to access the courts.

For any questions, please contact Stuart on 07711448504

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